About Water Harvesters

Water Harvesters was established in the year 2000 in the capital city of India, New Delhi, with a sole objective of making people aware of the far reaching effects of ground water abuse and the consequential hazards related to ground water depletion. Over a period of six years, the Company has grown from a one-man show to a consortium of scientists and hydro-geologists who work day and night to devise state-of-the-art techniques to implement best Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) structures, so as to balance out the needs of the clients with those of the environment.As a one-stop shop, Water Harvesters has become one of the largest integrated water management company offering products, services and complete outsourced water management programs in all major industries and communities using water..

EMERGENCE OF Water Harvesters -A humble beginning

Realizing the importance of rainwater harvesting, the company Water Harvesters has taken a noble initiative to execute the project at various locations in India Though the rainwater harvesting concept has been a household name for all these years but not many people are aware of the technology used and the need to replenish the ground water levels. The Company has a specially designated team which works in coordination with different NGOs in order to spread awareness among the masses (through campaigns, seminars and talk shows) about the importance of ground water recharging in the wake of persistent water crisis experienced in most parts of the world including India. As a result of a modest endeavor on the part of its expert team, the Company has, since the day of its inception, successfully completed over 200 RWH projects in and around Delhi (Northern India) and the clients include various schools, colleges, residential & commercial premises, prestigious corporate houses (National & foreign equity holding companies), airports etc. - STARTING FROM SCRATCH, ENDING WITH PINNACLE OF ACHIEVEMENT.

WORKMANSHIP QUALITY -A topmost priority

Water Harvesters has always given highest importance to workmanship. The quality of our work and the satisfaction of the clients have contributed to the success of this company. Under any circumstance the company has never compromised with the quality of the material or that of work. The projects successfully completed, clearly portray the companys endeavor to emphasize on maintaining quality. - USING EXPERTISE IN THE LARGER INTEREST.


We have always believed that the work quality and meeting deadlines are the two crucial and deciding factors in measuring the success of any project or the satisfaction of a client thereof. We ensure that the projects are completed well within the stipulated time and are in compliance with the quality standards. - QUALITY HAS BEEN OUR PREDOMINANT ENDEAVOR.